Blender & Vending Machine Theologies (& gas station toilets)

When Jephthah vowed to God he would sacrifice the first thing that came out of his door he wasn’t thinking of Spot the family dog, Mittens the family cat, Fluffy the family lamb, or Elsie the family cow – he was undoubtedly thinking of a someone like a servant. Jephthah was appalled when his daughter came out. And what is more appalling is that he went through with this vow in the name of God. In this sermon from Judges 10-12 preached at Mosaic Church Ann Arbor last weekend I address the ways our faith is likewise caananized as we embrace blender & vending machine theology. And even more appalling is that Jephthah is in Hebrews 11, the hall of faith…wait, no, that is amazing grace…grace all and only because of Jesus, who, unlike Jephthah who offered up his daughter for himself, offered up Himself for us!

Some of the gang who drove in from the D for the worship service.

So I did my usual cheesy joke of asking the congregation to raise their hands, shooting a pic, & them saying I’m gonna tell everyone you are a big time charismatic church. But it was so bright up front I could not see too well…then I thought with my shiny head how much more bright it must be for them!

Marshall Mobley killed it in leading us in a Christ-centered time of worship.

Lead pastor Shannon Neilson singing a solo, or maybe just doing announcements.

Baptism done in a portable tank imported from Detroit.

Ian following the service at the Pizza Parlor after eating I am not sure how many slices.

Listen to the message & you may never look at a blender or vending machine the same. Or sin & gas station toilets.

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