The parking brake!

Yep, my first car was a Vette…ok, a Chevette. Driving home one night I noticed it was running more sluggish than usual. Climbing a hill was particularly difficult even with the gas pedal pegged. Then I realized I had my parking break on — I had been working against the very progress I was seeking. (and wearing out my break pads!) That’s what legalism does to our forward movement in Christ. It slows us down & wears us out. In this message from Colossians 2:16-23 I show three ways legalism is a growth stunter & grace killer. It’s through Christ we become more like Christ!

Last week I participated in a few Vision360 discussions about discipleship. The plates were small (we met at Small Plates in Ferndale;) but the discussion was big. Alex made max use of the tablecloth!  And it was great to meet some other pastors in the area.

To divorce discipleship from evangelism is to do something the Bible doesn’t. Discipleship begins before conversion. Discipleship happens though the brain, heart, & fingertips. Every believer is a disciple maker & has the Spirit to do it! What if every small group saw themselves as a reproducing organism? Jesus Christ was obsessed with His mission & to be like Him is to also be obsessed with His mission.

At last week’s Missional Community meeting Paul did a great job teaching the material from the When Helping Hurts Conference. (He even brought into our “auditorium” high tech media!) In line with this several of us attended an energetic symposium last night on Gentrification. It was really helpful. Kurt Metzger of Data Driven Detroit gave an informative presentation on the demographics of our great city. For a excellent article on gentrification from a Kingdom perspective check out this article by Bob Lufton. Well worth your read. Oh yeah, just before the symposium I was able to work on my drum skills. I’m not quite ready to join the worship team.


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