A Glimpse into Restore’s Jan 15 Celebration

Wow, Sunday was a great day! Jesus was lifted up & the Spirit moved as we celebrated the power of the gospel to reconcile people back to the Father & to one another.

The children & teens did a great job reciting Dr. King’s Letter From a Birmingham Jail, Wayne Stapleton of Grace Community Church shared some reflections, Clete lead us in a sweet time of worship, & I preached from Ephesians 2:11-22. The big idea was that the same work that breaks down the wall between man & God is is the same work that breaks down the walls between ethnic groups. Jesus is the wrecking ball for the walls of hostility! Because of this we have the responsibility of taking the steps of repentance & relational investment. And ultimately racial reconciliation is not about us at all – it’s about God & His glory!

We’re not sure how many attended as no one counted but the 80 bulletins were snapped up quickly – we estimate between 120 – 140 came out. We are really thankful several signed up for the upcoming 8 week February 12 – April 1 Bible study. Please pray that many others will join in this study as well and that God will use it in a mighty way!

We would like to tangibly express our gratitude to Grace Episcopal Church for opening up their facility to us by repairing lights damaged by an electrical storm. If anyone in the area has the skill & time to help us fix these lights please let us know.

And thanks to Gospel Life church for helping with nursery and parking security!

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