The Story of God Blitz

So in a week we will be doing THE STORY OF GOD in our neighborhood.  We love this story and want others to come and embrace this story with us!

Most people have a Bible on their shelf, but unfortunately most people have not cracked open the book in a very long time.  Most could share a few stories they heard as a child, but beyond that most people don’t really understand what (& most importantly, who) the Bible is about.

Saturday February 4, 2012 we came together at my house and handed out 1600 cards in our neighborhood advertising THE Story that completes and corrects every other story, even yours!

Restore Church Card

We met at 12:00 as a family and also had the help of two students from Moody in Plymouth.  There were a total of 28 of us to pass out these cards.  Before you get all excited about the number and maybe how fast you think we handed out all 1600 cards, understand that there were 18 of our people under the age of 18.  The adults were outnumbered, but we had a great time hanging with the youth among us.  The energy they exuded at the beginning waned as each group walked approximately 4  miles.  We all had lots of fun though getting to connect with each other as well as our neighbors.

Mike giving some instructions Some of the kids ready for Mission

We prayed before we went out that God would bless our efforts and that fruit would be born from people being introduced to this Story coming up on February 12th. 

Praying for people to come to meet JesusPraying for the mission ahead

I’ll tell you a little bit about my group and what we did.  We had Kellie, Carolyn, Clete III, Javon, Avion and Jonathon.  At first the kids were crazy fast at walking, but about 2 miles in their spirits took a dip.  Tired and hungry were the words for about 10 minutes, but after a little RA RA  speech by me, they rallied like true soldiers and we all persevered to complete our mission on Chicago Blvd.

My crew resting above the Lodge freeway.

All the kids said they had a blast passing out the cards with each other.  As we walked we all all talked together and enjoyed being together.

Please pray with us that God would use even the fruit of our labors to bring people into His kingdom.  We don’t trust in our efforts, but in a God that even used a donkey to speak.  No not the Shrek donkey, though sometimes we, like him, get a big head and think we are better than we really are.  In the Shrek movie the donkey says “All right, I hope you heard that? She called me a ‘noble steed.’ She thinks I’m a steed.”  That is just like us – we do something for the kingdom of God and we think we are what gets it done. But when we remember God uses us in spite of ourselves and not  because of ourselves He gets all the glory and we get the joy!

Ready set break!

We met so many wonderful people, people from every walk of life.  I even met my first Black Hebrew Israelite.   He asked some belief questions and then said he may come to the study.  Very polite man and would love to see God break through into his heart with the truth.

So if your reading this please stop right now and ask God to work in our hearts and the hearts of those who attend the Story.  We want to see people come to know the true and perfect God.

~ Clete Bontrager

Enjoy the pics below:

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