THE Story

What happened before time began? How did it all start? Who or what created me? How did I get here? Why do I exist. Does my life really matter? Does it have meaning? What happens after I die? Why is the world the way it is? 










There are not many humans that haven’t wrestled with these questions. Often we (Christians) attempt to give these answers (evangelism) through a systematic theology kind of approach (four spiritual laws or the like). That approach is not without fruit but what if we attempted to answer these questions in the way & shape Scripture does – as a great story? Non-Christians will see & hear in “technicolor & dolby surround sound” the message of restoration. And Christians will learn how the Bible is put together  – not as an eclectic set of religious teachings, but as one great unfolding story.

Along the way we will all learn great theological truths: creation, the nature of sin, atonement, grace, faith, the attributes of God, the person & work of of Jesus, the person & work of the Holy Spirit, the Lordship of Christ, the Trinity, the Kingdom of God, the gospel, gospel identities, cultural rhythms, God’s election of the saints, Sonship (God as Father), stewardship, Biblical manhood & womanhood, prayer, social justice, the sovereignty of God, forgiveness & guilt, evangelism, & end times stuff (eschatology).

Yes, in eight interactive from Genesis to Revelation user friendly sessions, we are (no wait, God is) going to address all of these things as we tell the greatest story ever. And it’s true!  And it corrects & completes every other story.

Please pray that the God who inhabits the Story will powerfully work in these next two months for, in, & through us, and many, many others, for His everlasting glory & our increasing joy in the 48202/206 & outward!

If you live in the area we’d love to have you join us! We’ll be meeting Sundays Feb 12 – April 1 3-5 pm at Grace Episcopal Church (1926 Virginia Park Street) on the NW corner of Rosa Parks Blvd & Virginia Park St.











*Thanks to Soma Communities for their great training in The Story-Formed Way.

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