THE Story round two!

As a young child I had Noah’s Ark themed bedsheets. Many nurseries are painted with animals on the ark. This is quite ironic, when you consider the catastrophic nature of the flood. It’s like having scenes from Hurricane Katrina on your child’s wall. And as one participant noted in Round 2 of THE Story, the great flood makes tsunamis seem like a playful splash. It is a vivid illustration of a reoccurring theme in THE Story. God, who is holy (everything He does is good, right, & perfect) must deal with rebellion. “God don’t play” was the way one guy very appropriately put it. But we also see God is relentlessly merciful. He did have an ark made after all! And years later He chooses a man named Abram and makes an incredible promise to him that is bearing fruit to this very day.

You can watch “Judgment to Mercy” below. Clete leads in scene 1, the flood, and I take scene 2, the covenant. The interaction among the 60+ attenders was great, and if you listen you’ll notice several funny moments mixed in with some serious discussion about God.

And thanks to the Pistons 20 of us were able to attend last Friday night’s game for free (& see a victory too!).

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