Not because of great preachers but because all God’s kids get His Spirit for Mission

I don’t know that we’ll have the bandwidth to post on every worship service now that we are meeting weekly but since so many of you have been praying I wanted to give a quick glimpse into yesterday’s Easter celebration. Wow, it was a beautiful time! We were honored to have fellow pastor (El Shaddai Church) and good friend Tony McDuffy share some words and lead us in prayer (He knows how to grab the horns of the altar!). Our hearts were filled with praise as we lifted our voices in song. And we opened Acts 1:1-8 to see how the advance of the gospel is unstoppable. Not because of us, but because of Jesus! Jesus is living. He resurrection is so irrefutable he turned a bunch of fraidy cats into fearless cats! Jesus is working… by His Spirit through His followers. The gospel advances through the ages not because of eloquent preachers but because all God’s kids get His Spirit for mission! Jesus is returning. His return is not dependent on our performance but on His promise, and He has a pretty good track record of keeping His promises – so let’s get after it in the freedom of knowing the victorious outcome! Please fervently pray that God will give us the privilege of being part of this great gospel advance.

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