Easter Egg Hunt & Cookout in Central Village

I want to give a quick update on what is happening in the Bontrager house.

Around 4 weeks ago we moved to a house on Lawrence Street between Linwood and Dexter roads in the 48206.  We have fallen in love with our neighborhood and have had a great time connecting with so many wonderful people on these streets.

The kids especially have connected with so many other kids in our area.  Clete (our 10 year old) has his best bud from school just living a street away now, so that has been cool for him.

The other night we had 11 teens on our front porch till 11 pm.  Had to break up the fun time they were having so I could get some sleep (I think I’m becoming an oldster).

This past Saturday our neighborhood association put on an Easter Egg Hunt and Cookout for the kids and adults.  It was a really fun time as neighbors connected with neighbors.  We felt a real sense of community.  I do want to thank Keith Greenwood for spearheading the efforts.  He did a great job!

As we were having fun and enjoying our neighbors I thought about the community that Jesus will build in the new City.  Only because of the resurrection can this even be possible.  You talk about a fun time.  I can imagine Jesus will have some crazy cookouts for us kids.  I’m looking forward to it.  I doubt hotdogs will be on the menu!

I also doubt we will be playing at abandoned houses that have been burnt out.  If the streets are paved with gold I can’t imagine what the houses will be like.

~ Clete Bontrager

Here are a few pics!



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