Double Homicide in the Church

Sometimes people complain the Bible is hardcore. Know what? They are right! The Bible is hardcore because of God’s trifecta of Holiness. 2 guys are struck down for worshipping God the wrong way. Another guy is smoked for touching the ark. The ground swallows up a gang jealous of the leaders God had raised up. We could go on. Yes, God is hardcore because God is Holy. Sometimes people try to “tame” God by saying the God of the NT is not that way. That assertion is wrong for a thousand reasons. And one is the death of Ananias & Sapphira in Acts 5. That double homicide was a hardcore display of God’s holiness and love for His church. Don’t mess with His bride!  But there is something even more shocking, far more shocking! The God who killed for His church is also the God who died for His church. His white-hot holiness required a payment for our sins and red-hot love provided it! Jesus was struck down for our Ananias & Sapphira sins of trying to look like something we are not. He was carried out in judgment. And He was raised for our forgiveness.  And you know you belong to Him when you are able to confess your sins not conceal them, when the sin you once stroked like a diamond broach you now see as as nasty roach you want to fling away. You can listen below to this sermon preached Sunday. *There are some recording issues in a few places. We’ll get things smoothed out for next week.

We have 2 more weeks left of Flag Football Outreach. Please pray that we will love our community well and that many kids, teens, & adults would come to follow Jesus!

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