Phase 2 Begins

Seeking to reach our neighborhoods for Christ is both exciting & intimidating. Exciting because we know that God is calling us to something much bigger than ourselves and because we see Him moving. Intimidating because there are real challenges – like the racial divide (structures, stereotypes, heart issues, cultures) that has long pervaded our area, the realities of a churchified context where many people have gotten just enough Jesus to be inoculated against hearing the biblical gospel, & the nagging question of whether God could use a person to reach another person very different from them. In Acts 8 the story of the gospel finally advancing into Judea & Samaria specifically addresses each of these 3 challenges. In this passage we see how God breaks across racial & cultural barriers (sort of reminds us of the incarnation!), warns of Christian impostors, and has a people He will save…and use us to reach! We also see God’s awesome attributes of sovereignty, judgment, & mercy on full display. Listen below to “The Unstoppable Advance: Phase 2 Begins” to see how. (Note: there are some mic issues with this recording)

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