Spiritual Warfare

“Today we are going to look at Spiritual Warfare…” “Kill whitey!” shouted someone from a car passing by Gordon Park. That’s how last week’s sermon began.  (I paid the guy $20 to help me with my introduction;) Actually it was kind of funny. There are haters everywhere. And God saves haters, which is who we all are outside of His grace. In this message from Ephesians 6:10-20 I lay out a basic grid for spiritual warfare. We have a great enemy who wants to destroy us. We have a greater Lord who is over all. Satan is on God’s leash, and God walks him where he wants, and has him urinate where he wants. (Yeah, that was an unplanned comment that somehow made it’s way into the sermon.) We have a gritty fight to join. Christians are in spiritual combat, & this passage is a call to arms. You can check out the message below. I also included some pics from this week’s very wet Dgroup neighborhood cookout (& Ian’s birthday celebration – we have a cool practice of using our Dgroup gatherings to celebrate the birthdays of Dgroup peeps by sharing ways we see God working in that person). We will be worshiping at Gordon Park again this Sunday at 11AM. 

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