Satan is a defeated enemy who sends goon after goon over the boards to destroy

Sunday we worshiped again at Gordon Park. Before the service I was reminded of the significance of this location by a man in attendance for the first time who told us he was shot there 5 times April 17, 1987. Praying, singing, & preaching the gospel there open air style has been beautiful & impactful, but it has also launched, without any exaggeration, a new level of spiritual warfare. For that reason we stayed on that topic of spiritual warfare. In the message I discussed how Satan is a defeated enemy (Colossians 2:15) who awaits his final destruction (Revelation 20:10). In this age he’s like a hockey team that is way behind with no chance of winning that simply sends goon after goon over the boards to hurt as many as it can. Specifically, he exploits 9 ordinary (non sensational, non spin your head 360 degrees & vomit gallons of green goop aka “The Exorcist”) potential footholds into our lives. The only way to close these doors is through the gospel – believing it again & again, praying it again & again, speaking it’s authority again & again. I also spend a little time talking about how certain Christian groups tend to focus only on 1 aspect of “the world, the flesh, & the devil.” You can check out the message here.

As Clete joked, it was standing room only. Seriously, we do need chairs, so if you know any churches that have a set they would donate please let us know. It was great to have our new battery powered PA system so I don’t quite feel like I smoked 2 packs of Marlboro Reds yesterday.

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