Back at Gordon Park & Building Search

Sunday 11AM we are back at Gordon Park for worship, & amped up for it! Gordon Park is on the NW corner of Clairmount & Rosa Parks in the 48206. We’ll be looking at the fearful & freeing reality that God will not be robbed of His glory.

With fall rapidly approaching our build search ramps up. We would love to have a place for Sunday AM worship and for other ministry possibilities such as Friday night concerts, Monthly Manhood Academy events, etc. PLEASE PRAY WE FIND SOMETHING QUICKLY & INEXPENSIVELY.  The bold letters are indicative of our urgency;)

Friday we looked at a place (a Dollar City store that recently closed) just down from the park at the Virginia Park Community Plaza. As you can see from the photos we would have a lot of work to do…carpet, painting, remove drop ceiling, remove & add some walls, add restroom. Monday we are taking another look to explore whether this facility would be viable. Let us know if you’d be willing to help us renovate the space should we make an offer.

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