Crash Worship Location (& other things)

Sunday we have two special guests with us at Restore. First, Jim Essian of Paradox Church (Fort Worth, TX) will share his vision for church planting & how his church came to support Restore. Jim is the one who did last summer’s interview, What’s a white dude the wrong side of 40 doing planting a church in Detroit? Second, Joey Rosado will share his desire to come next year (after he finishes his degree at Moody) from inner-city Chicago for an internship with Restore to explore church planting in Detroit. Joey is a great guy except for that Chicago team he roots for, but at least it’s not the White Sox. Sunday we will also finish our look at Luke 15 as we see how rebellion to God can be camouflaged in religion. You can watch last week’s message here. Oh yeah, joining the Deckers as they lead this Sunday’s worship will be two new Restore worship team members. If you can arrive by 10:30 to help set up that would be great!

We finally have a crash location for our worship service should it rain. Our primary plan continues to be prayer for no rain – and God has done just that every time this summer. Just in case He wants to grow our flexibility, however, we do have an alternate location 4 blocks south on Rosa Parks Blvd in a covered area at the Virginia Park Community Plaza. Even if it rains go to Gordon Park & we will direct people to the crash location. By the way, the forecast is for no rain!

Please continue to pray as we look for an indoor worship location for the fall. We have a promising lead for a great location and a second meeting next week.

Tonight at 7:30 (1258 Longfellow, 48202) we have the 3rd edition of M.M.A. You can read what Matt just posted on Facebook below. Also, the ladies will have their Triple FC (I think that means Females Fighting For Christ, watch out!) prayer meeting tonight. Email for details.

IF there are any guys who are interested in gaining a deeper understanding of what MANHOOD is from a Biblical perspective, please feel free to join myself and a group of brothers for our MMA (Monthly Manhood Academy) tonight at 7:30.

Tonight’s topic will be “Perseverance” and how to move from the common mindset of “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” to the the freedom we have in the Gospel to persevere through difficulties in a way that honors GOD over ourselves!

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO ATTEND: Please inbox me so I can get you the address.

IF YOU THINK YOU HAVE THIS TOPIC “ALL FIGURED OUT” : Inbox me so I can pray for you.

See ya tonight or Sunday!

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