The Father’s Plea, Gordon Park

Middle-fingered open rebellion was the younger brother’s deal. Rebellion camouflaged in religion was the older brother’s MO. As we saw yesterday, God lavishly extends mercy to both forms of lostness. And we also saw from Luke 15 that those who champion conversion should be known for celebration. In this service Jim Essian shared how Paradox Church came to support Restore & Joey Rosado, a prospective intern for next year, shared how God may be calling him to church planting in Detroit. You can check out videos of them speaking at the bottom.

Thanks to all those who serve in parking lot security, set up/break down, & on the worship teams! Your faithful service means a lot & makes a huge difference! Please continue to pray we find an indoor Sunday AM worship location soon. We have a couple of good possibilities, but they still remain just that, possibilities.

Restore’s John R Dgroup is holding an outdoor worship time  & ice cream chill out Wednesday night at Marston &   John R, 48202. Please be in prayer we make many more connections with long term Detroiters through this Dgroup neighborhood event. And feel free to come on out!

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