The Jesus of Revelation, Gordon Park

One of our biggest needs – as individuals & as a church – is to have a big view of Jesus. Yet everything around us conspires to shrink Him into a pre 1960’s flannel-graph hippie pacifist. That’s hardly the picture we see in Revelation. He is a glorious king, present leader, victorious lamb, conquering warrior, perfect judge, & all-satisfying God.


Here are 3 things your can pray about:

1. For Sunday’s outdoor baptismal service at Gordon Park. (Actually with some peeps gone for labor day weekend we are going to have a second baptismal service in a few weeks, not great scheduling on our part;)

2. For a great interim indoor worship facility that is closer to being secured (big meeting next Tuesday night) & another building we may be able to purchase as a long-term facility. Both these buildings are right in our area!

3. For our planning in multiplying our 2 Dgroups into 4.

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