A racetrack, LDS country, KC, & the D

Restore Church is greatly privileged to be part of two organizations, Acts 29 & the EFCA, that care about reaching people & planting churches. Last night I returned from a church-planting summit with the EFCA in Minneapolis. One of the best parts of the meeting was hearing what God is doing in very diverse contexts. Here’s what one pastor in attendance wrote to his congregation. Each of these stories is really the story of God’s grace & many people joining the call to be on mission in these various locations. Soli Deo Gloria! (I’ve also included a 5 minute video at the bottom that addresses the EFCA’s heart to be a Rev 7:9-10 church.)

Hey Everyone – Hope your week is off to a fantastic start! I took off to Minneapolis for a few days of intense meetings about the future of church planting in our denomination. (By the way, you may not have known that we are even in a denomination, but we are, and it’s called the Evangelical Free Church of America).

I really like our denomination – particularly the church planting crowd! They’re made up of a bunch of wild and passionate men who, along with their wives and children, are doing some very effective ministry around the country. For example, I’m rooming with a guy named Mike, a white guy plantain Restore Church in church in a 90% African-American neighborhood near downtown Detroit. He’s a former marine, married with five kids, and ministering among broken and hurting people. They are currently meeting in a park. But the weather is changing fast and they’ve got to find a building soon, so the pressure’s on to find a space that will accommodate them. Mike loves Detroit, and his dream is to see the kingdom take root and bring hope and healing to a city where a lot of people have just given up on. And he’s in our tribe.

I could go on. I shared a cab from the airport with Luther, who is as big as he sounds, and he pastors a church in a rough neighborhood near downtown Kansas City. They’ve seen addicts, prostitutes, drug dealers, and about anyone else you can think of come to Jesus and experience forgiveness and healing. Then there’s Shane, who planted a church in a predominately LDS town in Utah, and has baptized more than 70 people over the last four years. They’re in our tribe as well.

And I’ve got to tell you about one last guy who lives in eastern Pennsylvania (can’t remember the town). Through a translator he told us how he’s reaching out to Hispanic workers at a horse racing track and casino. They are extremely poor and some even live in the stables with the horses, but he has started a church service at the racetrack and many are coming to faith in Christ. How cool is that? Yep, also in our tribe.

So we’re in good company. But God is doing some awesome stuff at Compass as well: This Sunday we’re going to baptize at least fourteen people at the Goodyear Campus, and over the last two weeks we’ve seen seven people come to Christ. Onward, Pastor Tim

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