State of the Church Address 2012

For a strong shot of what Restore is about, what God has done, & where are we going, check out Sunday’s state of the church address. In yesterday’s sunny but blustery weather at Gordon Park, Clete & I had a blast sharing our DNA, telling the story of God’s grace at Restore this far, & casting a vision for the future. At the bottom you can read about what Restore has meant to some of our peeps. And hopefully next post will be about a building we have purchased. Details to come. In the meanwhile pray closing goes smoothly & the building remains secure.

To me, Restore means I have a place where I can invite my friends and their kids and they can hear and see the gospel.  Since people at Restore are in the neighborhood it makes everything more accessible. I love meeting people that have the same heart for this neighborhood and have been called by God to serve here.  It’s encouraging because people at Restore can empathize with the struggles of ministering in the city- but point me back to the hope of Jesus.  Since being here, God has showed me more and more that I do a lot of the things I do for the glory of me.  I want to take my eyes off myself and do them for the glory of God.  Being around so many people who are farther along in their faith than me is a wake up call that I need to seek God more and go deeper with Him.

Restore Family is family to me. We are joined together by the  Blood of Christ, stronger than any blood relation to my earthly birth family. Some specific ways that God is transforming me is that He is challenging me to step out of my comfort zone, out of my selfishness and truly dive into honest accountability with the community He has given me through Restore. I am able to be transparent with my struggles and know that I am not going to be condemned and not left in self-pity of “my problems” and “my struggles” but challenged to rely on God, preach the Gospel into my life and prayed for by my community. It is refreshing, humbling and motivating to be part of a community that seeks to know, love and display Jesus, the Gospel, agape love. As the community pours into me, I in turn pour back into the community.

Our move to the Detroit area was one of faith and obedience. It definitely wasn’t easy. It was scary. No family or friends to welcome us, just a daunting job for me and uncertainty for my husband. We obviously felt the call of the Spirit or we wouldn’t have come at all and there was a lot of assurance in that. In fact, the words the Spirit used to change my husband’s heart were, “I am in Detroit. Am I not enough?” But it was still uncomfortable. To us, Restore has been the Lord’s provision. The people are family. The Truth comes in waves. Before we moved here, Detroit seemed like a forsaken city. Now it seems a little like a promised land in some ways. There is so much and there are so many people to love here and I can see my Father’s hand at work. He is here & He is most definitely more than enough. I am so unbelievably grateful that the Spirit led us here.  I can’t imagine my life without this Church, this city, or the people we have met here.

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