A building!

It happened! In a matter of days we found not just an interim site but a longterm facility! Last night Restore Church closed on a former post office building right in the middle of the neighborhood yet easily accessible via main roads. We are staggered by God’s grace & provision in this! I feel like a kid at Christmas who can’t stop looking at his new gift. God really moved! So many of you prayed faithfully for this to happen. Thank you!  May our joy in this be yours as well. Thank you, thank you, thank you for praying!

In addition to trying to get the cheesy lines out of our system (like, we’re going postal or where God’s mail is delivered!) we are moving quickly to get the utilities changed over, security upgraded, the upstairs cleaned up as an initial worship area, & a few other pressing tasks accomplished. We will be working on a layout combined with a project list. We have a lot of details to work out but if you are interested in partnering with us to renovate the facility here are some areas to consider.

  • We need someone skilled in design layout to help us create the optimal use of space.
  • We need work teams to help us do an initial clean-up of the inside & outside of the entire facility.
  • We need skilled work teams from churches who will “own” specific areas like the children’s area, worship space, foyer, restrooms, & parking lot.

Sunday at 11AM we will worship as a church body at this facility for the first time! Doors will open at 10AM. 2701 Joy Road 48206.

As we tell the story of how God provided this great building we’ll celebrate God’s greatest provision of all in Jesus Christ – our wrath-absorbing, death-defeating, bondage-breaking, life-giving, all-satisfying Lord!

Tomorrow (Saturday) at 3:30PM we will gather at the building to unload chairs from the truck & clean-up the upstairs for Sunday’s worship gathering. We’d love to get as many hands as possible! Call me at 313-819-0150 if you need details.

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