Exodus 33:18 & a gutted kitchen

After a trifecta of crime last week (the house we are buying was broken into, I “interrupted” a second invasion, the window of our Suburban was shattered – getting it fixed as I write) I really needed Sunday’s worship service. And man was it sweet to gather with my Restore fam & praise our King! In the message I answered from Exodus 33 the question of what one thing we need when God calls us to do something far bigger than ourselves. You can check it out below. Next Sunday we will be doing our first baptisms at our new facility.

We were also massively encouraged by a team from Brookside Church in Bowling Green who installed completely new plumbing & wiring in the Bontrager kitchen. After we insulate & drywall the kitchen the men are returning to lay cabinets & hang tiles. Thanks Brookside, you are a HUGE blessing!

Restore Church also had the privilege of help set up & tear down the stage for the Unashamed Tour 2012 Concert on Saturday. I got a little nervous when I discovered the truss I bolted together would be mounted with 100s of pounds of gear & hung over peoples’ heads. Fortunately nothing happened, whew! A big shout out to Matt Golden for organizing the Restore team & to all the guys who volunteered their time!

About a dozen of us will be attending the 2nd Annual Thriving in the City Summit at Epiphany Fellowship in Philadelphia later this week. Please pray it will be a profitable time and that our families will be safe in our absence.

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