Grace! & 3 baptisms at The PO

Theological liberals distort the gospel by subtraction and theological legalists distort the gospel by addition. The early church was threatened by the former and, as a result, took decisive action in what is known as the Jerusalem Council in Acts 15. In addition to learning the true essence of grace from this historic event we are also reminded that grace both frees us to strategically surrender our freedoms and turns us away from that which it saves us from, sin. You can check out the message below. (We’ll improve our camera angle next time;)  We had the joy of celebrating this grace through our first baptisms at The Post Office. It was beautiful to hear three heart-thumping stories of grace! I’ve got the first testimony/baptism posted and will try to get the other two up later.

13 of us also had the privilege of attending the 2nd Annual Thriving in the City Conference in Philadelphia at Epiphany Fellowship last Friday & Saturday. Wow! Blogpost to come by one of our Restore peeps.

Friday night the Bo-Ed Dgroup will host a cider & donut bonfire for our neighborhood. All are invited.                     7PM 1258 Longfellow 48202.

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