Being an Urban Missionary (& an upcoming opportunity to serve)

How do I reach people around me? That’s the cry somewhere in the heart of every person who has been rescued by Christ! Paul’s interaction in Athens in Acts 17 is not a recipe but it does gives us 4 basic principles on how to live out our missionary identity, whether you live in the city, suburbs, or a rural area. Check out the video below to learn what an urban missionary sees, feels, does, & says.

This Saturday (October 27) at 9AM you have an opportunity to help us with some interim projects at The Post Office while we formulate a long term layout design. Specifically, we will paint “the upper room” (our short term worship space) & stairway, paint & spruce up 2 downstairs bathrooms, and knock down another wall (argh!) to prepare for renovation. A team from Bethesda Baptist will be helping the Restore crew with this work day.  There’s definitely room for more to serve with the work team so let us know if you like to join us Saturday – we’d love your help! You can contact Clete for details (, 503-431-9854).

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