Yellow Paint & No Fear

With all our talk about having a church facility that does not look “effeminized”, the paint in the upper room at The PO looks like something from a women’s restroom (yellowish, & not even the Michigan kind). Kind of funny! #firstworldproblems No worries, at Tuesday night’s work party we’ll get a tanner second coat on the walls. Come on out at 6:30PM if you’d like to eat some cheap pizza, drink lots of Faygo, & get your hair frosted with paint. A big shout out to Bethesda Baptist of Allen Park for working like beasts on Saturday!  Sunday evening we were also able to get a lot done in the Bontrager kitchen in preparation for a team coming back from Brookside Church in Bowling Green to hang cabinets & lay tile this Saturday. Thanks also to Riverview Church for hosting last Friday a great mini-conference for church planters on the mission & marks of a healthy church.

Oh yeah, it was great to meet Sunday in person a friend of the church we helped pray through a successful lung transplant – you are a trophy of God’s grace & power Heather! Finally, thanks to Leah for inviting us to a very informative session at Alternatives for Girls on the blight of sex trafficking. Much to process & act on from that evening. Please continue to pray for connections & conversions in our community, the design layout of The PO, the upcoming launch of a third Dgroup, and an early December Christmas open house for our neighborhood.

Sunday we continued our look from the book of Acts at what it means to be an urban missionary. In the face of fear & difficulties we can keep moving forward  because of the 3 hope drenched truths of Acts 18:10!


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