11am Sharp & other Restore weekend news

Though it may be a fool’s errand we are going to leverage the extra hour of sleep from the time change to actually start on time this coming Sunday. Doors open at 10am & my coffee man has vouched on his Pingree life that manna will be ready at 10:30. Come early to enjoy fellowship and at 11am sharp we are starting – for real! Sunday is Adoption Sunday, and as part of our service we will be hearing from a couple who chose to grow their family through adoption, before diving into Acts 19 to see the power of the gospel in destroying the works of the devil (1 John 3:8).

We have two events scheduled for Friday night, both at 7:30.

  • MMA (Monthly Manhood Academy) at The PO (2701 Joy Road, 48206). We are going to discuss how a God-centered man relates to women.
  • Triple FC (Females Fighting for Christ). After kickboxing;) the ladies are going to spend time together praying. (Contact Clete or Mike for location)

Tuesday night’s pizza & work party accomplished a lot at our new building. We updated the color of the upper room from a yellowish hue to a donkey brown (which is pretty fitting for some of us guys). We even have a wall that is now a “chalkboard” for announcements, prayer requests, & memory verses – pretty cool! Many thanks to all those who participated! More opportunities to serve to come in the near future.

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