The verse that rocked my ministerial life

Three & a half years ago Acts 20:24 rocked my ministerial life. Yesterday I had the joy of preaching on this text & Paul’s goodbye speech to the Ephesian elders. Church leadership, living out the faith, & more is covered in this passage.    You can check out the message below.

Early last week, Clete & I had the privilege of spending 3 days in New Orleans with John Gerhardt of Castle Rock Church in New Orleans & other EFCA church planters talking & walking what it means to plant gospel centered churches in inner cities. Incredible time! The wrecking ball for racism is the gospel, not as a one day project, but as a life long commitment. Unfortunately, all but one video interview is inaudible due to the wind. A big shout out to Brett Gleason, church planting director of the Great Lakes district EFCA, for putting this trip together!

For the next two days Clete & I have the privilege of joining 150 pastors from various denominations gathering in Austin, TX to strategize planting gospel centered churches across our great nation. We are grateful for the opportunity to participate in this discussion!

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