Restore’s First Christmas at the PO!

Resumes often describe jobs in funny & (just occasionally;) exaggerated ways. Do you know what an Urban High Pressure Renumeration Engineer is? A mugger! However, there is one resume that is completely factual – Christ’s from Hebrews 1. What makes His birth so special is who He has everlastingly been long before he ever hit the swaddling clothes. You can check out this second message from Hebrews 1 below.

We enjoyed our first church wide post service meal at the PO. Because we enjoy being together so much (& like eating!) this is going to be a monthly cadence. Thanks Colleen for doing a great job organizing Sunday’s meal! Late Sunday afternoon I had the privilege of being interviewed on a local radio station. I had a blast with Charles Barden (who has been attending Restore), the host of the program. I also had a great sidekick for the interview in Ian! A tremendous day ended even better when Charles, Nick the owner of Eagle Coney Island (Nick has a heart of gold), & some of us from Restore joined efforts to help a woman (now employed by Nick) get in an apartment, furnish it, and provide Christmas gifts for her children. You should have seen their faces Christmas morning! Wow.


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