From Ticker Tape Parade to Lynch Mob

Angry preacher. I was a little bit of that Sunday. Watch & you will know why. The prosperity gospel hurts people & dishonors God. Oh yeah, and we all have some prosperity gospel in us. There’s suburban versions & urban versions. We have all wanted Jesus for the wrong reasons. That’s why 5 days later, the same lips that shouted “Hosanna!” would cry out “Crucify Him!”. In just days it went from ticker tape parade to the lynch mob. All of us our indicted. Thankfully, there is the true gospel of pure grace for all of us! Meet Jesus weeping on a donkey before you see Him roaring on a warhorse when He comes in His holy Timberlands to stamp out all injustice. And it’s not that God does not want to satisfy us. More than anyone He wants to! He just knows that stuff & circumstances can’t do it – only He can! Sunday we continue our series on the events of the Passion Week from the Gospel of Mark. We  will look at the amazing story of a woman who broke her best for God, because she knew he would break His best for her.


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