Your Broken Life Now (& a weekend trifecta)

Your broken life now is your best life, now and forever. So what does the broken life look like? Find out from a woman who gave her costliest for the Lord, because she knew He would give His costliest for her. You can watch below.

In addition to lots of stuff going on during the week as we host a mission team from Mosaic Church Ann Arbor, we have three big events lined up for the coming weekend. EVERYONE IS INVITED!

Friday 6:30 PM – Praise/Pizza/Fowling Party. We are kicking off a long awaited cadence of Friday night parties at The PO for the entire Restore fam & neighborhood.

Saturday noon – neighborhood canvassing for our Easter Egg Hunt. 10,000 cards to hand out. Yep, that’s right, no typo, TEN THOUSAND cards! (Thanks Mosaic!) Bring your friends, their friends, and their friends! 

Sunday 11AM – our first worship service downstairs at The PO. In a miracle almost on par with the Red Sea Crossing we started on time Sunday & intend to continue to do so to better serve one another better! We are asking for a second miracle as daylight savings time begins Sunday. To put a carrot out there and provide an opportunity for fellowship, we’ll do coffee and donuts (maybe breakfast) at 10AM Sunday. Perhaps we are looking for a third miracle;)

Finally, in Sunday’s service we also celebrated Matt & Maja Golden moving into the neighborhood. If you want to hear how it all happened, starting at Slow’s BBQ 2 years ago, watch their testimony below.

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