Nooses for Chandeliers…

Nooses for chandeliers…you’ll have to listen to the intro to understand this line. Mark 15:21-39 is the shocking story of an execution that has a surprising ending. The video is only 30 minutes long, not because I set a personal record for brevity but because of technical difficulties. If you can read my chicken scratch notes you can fill in the rest.

We had a blast Saturday with our Easter Egg Hunt and had some new visitors Sunday because of it, as well as more people wanting to check out Dgroups. Great job Wadsworth! Saturday 1PM in Ypsilanti we have the privilege of helping Mosaic Church canvass for their Sunday Easter Egg Hunt. Come help us serve a church who has served us so well!

As we grow it’s been so encouraging to see gifted people step up to the plate to serve the church & our community. Please pray for our teen ministry leaders John & Emily Decker, for our financial adminisrator Jason Vinson, and for our Children’s Summer Children’s Program Director Annie Kopena.

Easter Sunday marks the one year anniversary of doing weekly worship services! Hope to see you at the PO!

Notes Mark 15 21-29

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