Holy Spirit series kick off!

It was a blast kicking off our new series on the Holy Spirit yesterday! In this message I give four reasons why we need this series. To avoid unbiblical extremes of strange fire & no fire. To be biblicalreformed & always being reformed. To pursue gospel-centralitybeing Jesus-centered versus Spirit-led is a false dichotomy. The Holy Spirit is the gift of the Gospel poured out by Jesus according to the promise of the Father. Because being on mission makes us desperate. A church that discovers it’s all about Jesus (salvation & sanctification) makes the Devil say, “Oh no, now they are going to grow in the gospel.” A church that discovers that Jesus gives His people the Spirit makes the devil quake, “Oh no, now they are going to go with the gospel!.” We began the series by looking at how the Holy Spirit is not a sanctified purple haze but a Powerful Person of the Godhead. He is a Workhorse, a Beast (urban dictionary definition – check out the message for details;). We are on an exciting journey & invite you along! Next Sunday we will be dialing in on how the Holy Spirit indwells Christians. How does that happen? What does it mean? Strong stuff!

I spend the first 12 minutes before the sermon talking about the church putting violent crime in our area on blast. I discuss how both crime investigation & media coverage of violent crimes vary according to race. Please pray for us and provide input on how we can make a difference! The sermon actually begins at about the 11:50 mark of the audio. (The video does not include that discussion.)


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