A War, Winner, & Walk + A tearful farewell!

If you’ve ever read Galatians 5:17, you know them’s fighting words. We are in a War. We don’t stand on the sidelines, but neither do we fight on our own. No! Through the Ultimate Winner we are to Walk in the Spirit. That’s a nice little phrase, but do you ever wonder what exactly that means? If so, grab some coffee, put up your feet, & click here.

We concluded Sunday’s service with a farewell meal for Austin & Stardust Klint, as they move on to Memphis for Dr. Austin’s residency with Christ in Community, as they move toward the foreign mission field. There was no shortage of tears, but we are thankful for their passion to reach unreached people groups, and we look forward to helping send them to the field in a few years. They better keep in touch!;)

God provided the Post Office building not just as a place Sunday services, but as a means to serve our community. Sunday evening our building was used for a second funeral event in the last few weeks. We are praying for fruit from increasing opportunities like this.

Friday and Saturday the Dgroup leaders & apprentices went on a leadership camping retreat planned by Pastor Clete (he looks a bit like John Calvin in the picture at the bottom, doesn’t he?). We had a great time and Clete will be putting up a blogpost later this week to share what God did on the retreat.

This coming Sunday will be Church Planting Sunday at Restore. I’m really pumped for this! I can’t wait to introduce to our growing congregation some of our supporters, share how we have helped some other new church plants, and cast vision for multiplying Dgroups and planting churches.


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