Church Planting Sunday, meet some Restore partners via video, & Clete announcement!

WHY should we plant churches? WHAT steps can we take? Check out this message from Church Planting Sunday for answers to these questions. (The last part of the audio is missing.) You can also watch all 7 partner videos below. I also share Pastor Clete’s plan to go full time at Restore through GCM. Please pray for Clete as he takes this step August 24!

Please pray for these 2 other things as well. First, Restore’s Youth Ministry is about to launch. Here’s one of my favorite lines from the ministry packet prepared by Emily Decker, covered in a meeting last night. “Because the gospel changes us from the inside out, we want to be about seeing soul-change rather than symptom-fixing.” Yes! Second, Troy Gronseth, video producer for the EFCA, will be walking with Restore Sunday through Tuesday, as part of the EFCA’s initiative to tell the story of urban core multicultural churches. Pray this furthers the Revelation 7:9 cause!


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