Uncontested (& undervalued!) spiritual gifts – & some 1st Century Stuff too

“I do have gifts and they are important to the body!” Those are words pastors love to hear! In part 2 of our look at spiritual gifts in our Holy Spirit series we looked at a dozen gifts that are often overlooked, undervalued, or unappreciated – but vital to the healthy functioning of the body. You can check out Sunday’s message here and part 1 here. We also had the joy on Sunday of welcoming our summer intern, Nick Lee, to our Restore family!

Part 3, “First Century Stuff or for today?” will be on 7/7 at the PO. Ahead of schedule (wink) the Lord answered that question when a person during communion time gave a prophetic word that God used radically in the lives of 2 men in the body. No, we are not talking about that “thus saith the Lord” nonsense, but a God who prompts people to speak a truth that is meant for individuals they are not even aware of. What happened & what this is about we’ll hit on July 7!

This coming Sunday Clete will be preaching from Romans 12:9-13, continuing the powerful message he preached from that passage a few weeks ago. Spend some times in that passage in preparation for Sunday!

This Saturday 9AM we have a clean up at Gordon Park (where we worshiped last summer) in preparation for our June 28 outdoor service, baptism, & cookout. We’d love to have your helping hands!


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