Gathering with over 150 in a park to proclaim John 3:16 in worship & then enjoy a neighborhood cookout is hard to beat – what a Sunday! We also kicked off our BUMP week hosting 3 teams from Minnesota & Iowa as together we hold a week long youth camp. Pray for a fruitful week in every direction! In the midst of this busy week we also hope to get a download from several Restore peeps who just returned from the Legacy Conference in Chicago.
At the bottom of this post is a letter from the Post Office Renovation Coordinator, Peter Ashmore, on how you might partner with Restore in building renovation project.

Hey everyone –
Last week was a huge success at the PO! A team of 11 came up from CrossPoint Community Church in Lima, OH and went gangbusters on the PO!!! Restore is very grateful they made the trek up to Detroit to help us out for a day, even if they were a bunch of Buckeyes.
Some other churches were also able to come out for a work block or two, and we are so thankful for all of you that made the demo a success. There are still quite a few hurdles ahead of us so please pray with us along these lines —
The building permit is still in process. The bankrupcy has cause a lot of problems and issuing permits is not anyones top priority. Please pray that the right people will sign off on our little endeavor.
There is the chance that a huge donation will be made to provide AC to the Post Office. Please pray that this organization will fund the project to make our building more available during the summer months.
Skilled laborers will be needed soon. Please be in prayer that God will provide Restore with the right hands at the right time. Once the permit is complete, there will be a lot of work for all the trades (plumbers, electricians, framers, drywallers/mudders, etc.).
Partners in the Detroit area. We were blessed this week to be put into contact with a painter who is going to help us obtain materials at a huge discount. What a blessing! Please pray that God will put Restore on the hearts of those in our area who want to serve the church.
The BUMP (Bridging Urban Missions Project) team is in town this week, so please pray that God would use them on the streets of Detroit. I’m hoping to make contact with many of you as we look to specify projects at the PO. Plumbing is the first “dragon to slay” so please be in prayer that the permit comes through soon!
Thankful for you all,
Peter Ashmore

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