Selfishness Incarcerates, Jesus Liberates.

In addition to my pride getting kicked in the gut, tears welled up in my eyes, as I listened from 200 miles up north this morning in northern MI to Restore bro Jason Vinson preaching his first message in yesterday’s worship service. How it pumps me up & fills me with joy to see men step up & serve in their giftings! You will not waste a minute listening!

We are all tempted to prop ourselves up by comparing our performance to others, what Paul calls “selfish ambition” and “conceit” in Philippians 2. This vein pursuit tells us that we’re OK, that we’re worthy, and even feels good for a time, but in the end, a life built on comparison to others is becomes the self-made prison that robs us of our joy. Paul gives us the key, the example of Jesus, but we need much more than an example, we need a Savior!

This coming Sunday (August 25) Pastor Clete & I will do a 2013 version of last September’s Ebenezer & Arrow service where we cover where we have been as a church & where the Lord is leading us. We are excited about what we have to share! The following Sunday we will kick off our Nehemiah series, which seems kind of appropriate since we have to “rebuild” the stolen fence in the rear of our facility;) Please pray for both Sunday’s service & the upcoming series.

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