What Will You Do When the City Takes Something From You?

As many of you know, the PO got worked over in the middle of August. The fence separating our parking lot from the alley was snipped and “harvested.” Truth be told – I was pretty ticked. My thoughts were along the lines of “Why steal this fence? You guys are only going to get a couple bucks for it… Seriously… the few nickels you get from this – was it even worth your time?”

As I prayed about my poor attitude regarding the fence, I was reminded about the sermon that Baltimore’s “Bishop” Crawford from Freedom Church issued to Restore some time back. “What will you do when the city takes something from you?” Cats from these streets stole our fence. Straight up. What you gonna do about it?
After listening to his sermon again, I think this is what Bishop Crawford would say: “Trust God. Serve the City. Preach the Gospel.” “Though he slay me, I will hope in him…” 
God’s providence is an amazing thing… People’s Church from Pinkney MI were already having conversations with Restore about coming into the D to help with building renovations. As it turns out, they are going to help us build a new fence designed by one of our brothers here at Restore (a very humble architect). God’s providence again – Mike just broke ground on a series that will take us through the book of Nehemiah…. which is about broken walls… and broken people… in a broken city. Hmmmm….. maybe God is trying to teach Restore something?
My anger at the men who took our fence may have been justified in that they are thieves – but my lack of brokenness revealed my own inability to see beyond a stupid fence or to recognize the sinfulness of my own heart. These men are sinners in need of a Savior just like me – and everyone at Restore and anyone reading this – and I blocked all of that out so I could be mad about… a fence. Maybe this newly constructed fence will become a reminder to us at Restore – “What Will You Do When the City Takes Something From You?” Trust God. Serve the City. Preach the Gospel. “Though he slay me, I will hope in him…” 
Pursue the city. Serve the city. Even when the city takes something from you. We are looking forward to hosting People’s Church this Saturday, September 7th. Please pray for safety for those working and that God would unite Restore and People’s Church together so that we can pursue the Mission for his glory.
Thankful for you all,
Peter Ashmore


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