Prayer & Action (& an actual wall rebuilt)

What does prayer that move the hand of God look like? And how does bold action flow out of bold prayer? Nehemiah’s two fold response to the news of Jerusalem’s brokenness – Prayer & Action – answers those questions & more. We are to lift our hands, and then not sit on them. Along the way we also address these questions – Suing God? Action remorse? A list prayer or a love prayer? A goal spammer or a goal planner? Absence of fear or presence of courage? Nehemiah 1:1-2:8 ultimately point us to the Man of Prayer & Action par excellence, Jesus Christ, whose perfect faithfulness only intensified as the shadow of the cross loomed larger & larger. He was broken in Jerusalem that we might be restored! You can check out the message here.

A huge shout out to Peoples Church for partnering with Restore in rebuilding our stolen fence and dropping the forest in the lot next door! We can’t wait to head to Pinckney to asset you with a project!


  1. Paul Zissler says:

    Mike, loved working with you guys on Saturday! Thanks for the opportunity to show & tell Jesus. Can’t wait to get you guys out to Pinckney to give us a hand!

    • mikehanafee says:

      Paul, your team was incredible! Thanks so much for partnering with us. We look forward to the opportunity to serve in Pinkney!

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