Urban Heart Transplanting

“Do I make decisions for myself or the betterment of my community?” That’s a gripping question Pastor Clete raised in his sermon from Nehemiah 11 that keeps running through my mind. It’s going on the Hanafee kitchen chalkboard. Listen here as Clete preaches on an often overlooked but vital section of Nehemiah as he lays out 4 key components to being on mission in the city – exemplification, organization, participation, & globalization. We had a heating glitch (the pilot light went out) so initially the inside temperature was not too far off the 28 degrees outside. Fortunately, the worship team, in heavy jackets, warmed up the congregation;) We have remedied the situation, so we’ll be set with plenty of heat next week (so you better wear T-shirts), just in time for a baptismal service! And because snow is coming, contact Aaron Johnson here to join our hard charging snow removal team!

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