A pre-irish jig over grace

Baptisms, an incredible gift, a church fam from Windsor joining us, a song about Nehemiah written by one of our own, joyful worship … all of that went down Sunday at The Post Office. In the sermon we looked at Nehemiah 12, a flat out praise chapter, and a really fun one too. From this beautiful scene of the dedication of Jerusalem’s walls we learn four great truths about True Worship that should impact us and inform us to this day. You can listen to the message here. As for the title of this blogpost, you’ll have to give the sermon a listen;)

If nothing in you wants to kick up your heels over grace, you need to come to the One who can lift the weight of sin off your shoulders with His nail scarred hands.

Our hearts were massively blessed as 2 people from far different walks of life entered the waters of baptism because of the same glorious gospel. Videos to come. A huge shout out to Heritage Baptist Church of Sterling Heights for an incredibly gracious Thanksgiving offering taken up for Restore. Wow – what an expression of sacrificial love! You can check out our thank you video below. We were also hugely encouraged by Pastor Garth & his wife Patti & several from The Gathering in Windsor, joining us for worship. This brother has taken a stand for the truth of God’s word, at great personal cost, because of his commitment to God’s glory. I can’t wait to hear Garth preach at Restore December 29.
Please pray for 30 of us Restore peeps who will be attending Sola 13 in Lansing on Friday & Saturday. Sunday we will be finishing our series in Nehemiah, & then dedicating a baby named Nehemiah!


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