When Commitment Collides with Compromise

Has Nehemia gone loco? Confrontation. Cursing. beating. Yanking out hair. Whaaaat?! Not exactly what you expect after the massive celebration in Nehemiah 12. In this closing message of our Nehemiah series we see what happens when commitment collides with compromise, and where the ultimate collision took place. You can listen HERE.

30 Restore peeps had the privilege of attending this weekend the Sola 13 conference in Lansing. Wow – we drank deeply of grace! Messages will posted at SOLA13 by midweek, & if you have time to listen, the sermons that particularly spoke to us were by Noel Heikkinen (on our Transitional Elder Board), Matt Chandler, Leonce Crump, & John Piper.

Please pray for the upcoming 2 weeks in the gospel of Matthew, for our Christmas Eve service at the PO, & for our Ephesians series kicking off January 5. And we celebrate that another Restore peep, a young woman who teaches at a nearby high school, has purchased a house on the Bontrager’s street and has moved in to be on mission in the 48206!

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