Joy & Sacrifice; tax update, & other news!

What you find joy in, you will sacrifice for. That’s a universal principle, and on a basic level, it’s what helps us experience success or fun. The problem is when that joy is your ultimate joy, not God. The sacrifice you make in pursuing that joy will destroy you and hurt others. Herod is a nasty example of this. But if God is your ultimate joy, oh you will be lead to great sacrifice, but that sacrifice will be sweet worship and only deepen your joy in God. A bunch of pagan dudes called magi illustrate this point. And since we have all been Herodish, we need someone who can rescue us. That’s Jesus, who for the joy that was sent before Him endured the cross! And that’s what the shocking, surprising, violent, beautiful Christmas story is all about. You can LISTEN to this message from Matthew 2:1-12 HERE.

About 30 minutes before the service on Sunday a city Tax Assessment inspector showed up and confirmed that yes, we do use the PO as our place of gathered worship. Thanks Randy Wembley for your Fox Local News report that brought this issue to the city’s “attention”. You saved us over $3k! (You can watch that news report here.) We also learned from the inspector that he told the Tax Assessment Office to let us know on earlier visits when he was coming, so apparently there was a communication breakdown. Anyway, we are very thankful the inspector came by again!

Though we are still being established as a church, while the cement is still wet, we want to set the DNA for church planting and multiplication. For that reason, in December Restore contributed to 3 new church plants getting ready to launch – Tyler St Clair of Kingdom Community Church in the 48235 of NW Detroit (Tyler will be preaching at Restore in our Ephesians series on May 18), Jonathan Swift of Christ Community Church in Dearborn, and Joseph Swords of The Exchange in Clio, outside Flint. Please pray for these men, their families, and their churches as they seek to impact their communities with the gospel. A big shout out to Garth Leno and The Gathering in Windsor for inviting the Bontrager & Hanafee families across the river to your Christmas Banquet & for your generous contribution to Restore’s HVAC project! Garth will be preaching at Restore this coming Sunday, December 29, from Hebrews 10:19-25.



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