Life Insurance turned to Death Certificate

CHOSEN. PREDESTINED. ADOPTED. All by a Gracious Father! Understanding what these God-centered truths mean, creates explosive gratitude in the hearts of those who know Christ, producing a radical commitment to God’s glory. Our salvation moves from being a life insurance policy to a death certificate – I died to my old life and my new life belongs completely to God, whatever the cost and outcome! You can listen to this message from Ephesians 1:3-6 HERE.

There is a bit of a disruption midway through the sermon, which happens occasionally, but out of it emerged a line about Pastor Clete that I’m pretty sure will be part of Restore lore for years to come! Oh, I thought he was a straggler!

Please be in prayer for our Ephesians series, which continues next week in 1:7-12. Also, we will look at opening up some space for more seats. Finally, you can register here for the women’s conference at First Presbyterian of Trenton, being lead by Jen Wilken of the Village Church in Denton, Texas. So far 27 Restore women are signed up!

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