DEXTER/JOYRD DGroup! God’s Blessing

Dexter/Joyrd DgroupIMG_0715[1]

God has been so good to Restore Church when he graced our body with Peter and Elisabeth Ashmore. I thank God for a couple who gets the DNA of Restore Church and seek to live this out in everyday life! Last night was the inaugural meeting of the Dexter/JoyRd Discipleship Group! I was encouraged as I attended that the Ashmores along with Annie K., LeShae M., and Colleen C. were very intentional to pray for each of their neighbors by name and for the gospel of Jesus to capture each one of them.

Paul and Annabelle Hendrix brought some delicious pizza from Hungry Howie’s and are excited to see how they can contribute to the gospel advancement in this community even though they reside miles away in a different community.

Please pray for this group as they step out on mission in the 48206/48204. Gladstone and Taylor will never be the same with this motley crew and that is our hope and prayer.



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