More Flakes & More People

We’ve experienced 2 surprises over the last several weeks. Snow keeps hitting us Saturday nights & Sundays. This has been the coldest & snowiest winter since ’78 when I remember snow piled higher than cars along Woodward. Yet people keep coming, new faces included. I really shouldn’t be too surprised about the weather – this is Michigan! (And it’s made for a great backyard boot hockey season;) More than that, I shouldn’t be surprised about people coming. Restore peeps are deeply faithful & God continues to connect us to more & more people. Of course, it’s not about getting people to a service, but people moving out together on mission in everyday life. For that, we need the power we have in Christ. That’s what we considered as we looked at the Serious Power we have in Christ from Ephesians 1:19-23. There are 5 vital truths that flow out of the reality that in Christ we have resurrection power. You can listen HERE.

If you want to get an inside look at what Restore is about with real time footage from several Restore peeps, check out the EFCA video below. At the very bottom is another video that shares our heartbeat for church planting in all the city.


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