Bologna Sandwiches or Steak & Tilapia?

While some make an idol out of feeling, turning God into a holy dimebag that is smoked in the pipe of empty religious emotionalism, make no mistake about it, God wants us to experience Him deep down in our sou! Theologically knowing Jesus is better is not the same as experiencing Jesus AS better. Tasting God is the expulsive power that turns us from the bologna sandwiches of the world to Him who eternally satisfies. If you are interested in knowing Christ intimately, feeling Christ’s love massively, & being satisfied with God fully, you can listen to this sermon from Ephesians 3:14-19 HERE.

Thanks MMA men for clearing out more space at the PO at Saturday’s work project. Also, as Sarah Bovan announced Sunday, we have the opportunity to give a voice to the unborn, through the Walk for Life May 10 & and Saturday’s 4pm parking lot prayer meeting at the first Care Net center in Detroit (13864 Grand River), opening mid summer.


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