Praying big to a Big God

As we move into the warm weather season we can not even imagine what God can do through the church in the city for His glory. Ephesians 3:20-21 shouts out we serve a big God who can do far more & does it for His glory! Therefore, we should pray big. You can listen to this sermon HERE. You’ll also hear the testimonies of what drew two different families to Restore – Randy & Tamara Wimbley, who started rolling with Restore last fall, and John & Emily Decker, who were the very first to jump aboard way back in 2011! (Their testimonies are at the 6 to 14 minute mark.)

In Sunday’s service Pastor Clete lead the best baby dedication I’ve ever heard as we dedicated beautiful baby Copeland to the Lord, and the Ashmores and the entire Restore fam to raising this beautiful baby girl for the Lord. Also, Tina Oh, our prayer coordinator, challenged the church to a social media fast during easter week and announced our 48 hour prayer chain from 11am Good Friday to 11am Easter Sunday. Restore peeps, contact Tina if you’d like to sign up for a slot!

About ten men are heading to the Together for the Gospel conference in Louisville this week. Please pray this will be an impactful time for the men that bears much fruit in the life of Restore church at large. Next Sunday, Shannon Nielson of Mosaic Church will be preaching at Restore’s corporate worship service as I preach at Mosaic. Please pray each church will be challenged and that our partnership in the gospel will grow. We deeply appreciate Mosaic Church! Shannon, we are looking forward to the fall 2014 men’s conference, and perhaps the football game that goes along with it;)

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