Unity: A Worthy Response

Living in unity on mission is a proper response to the gospel. Pastor Shannon Nielson of Mosaic Church in Ypsilanti/Ann Arbor addressed this theme as he preached from Ephesians 4:1-6 in our Ephesians series. In this message Shannon walks the text and answers 3 critical questions. 1. Why is unity important? 2. How does Satan fight against unity in the church? 3. How do we fight for unity? You can listen to Shannon’s sermon HERE. Thank you Mosaic for letting Shannon come and serve Restore Church. We are thankful for your partnership! We can’t wait for for this fall’s men’s retreat!

Sunday at 12AM Restore Church began a social media (so no Restore peeps are reading this;) and others things fast so that we can spend more time praying to God and pursuing others as we move through the Passion Week. The week will conclude with a 48 hour prayer chain from 11AM Friday to 11AM Sunday. Thank you Tina Oh for your servant leadership as we move to deepen our prayer rhythms as a church family for the sake of God’s glory in the nations and the neighborhoods! Please pray many people come to genuine faith in Jesus this Easter!

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