Transformed for Transformation

A life transformed by Jesus has a transformed lifestyle. Yes this ebbs and flows at times, but the those truly in Christ don’t live the raggedy lifestyle of the world. People walking with Jesus scream grace. If we have been made alive in Christ we will manifest new hearts and tongues. Until then, playing church is like a dead man trying to act alive. But when Jesus saves us, newness rolls in! You can listen to this strong message from Eph 4:17-24 by Tyler St Clair HERE.

I was a hypocryte, who was not told I was dead, I was just told to “do”. Moralism does not makes you new.

Memorial Day several Restore peeps will be serving People’s Church in Pinkney as we help staff their Memorial Day 5k to raise funds to care for the homeless of Livingston County. Come out to serve. Or you can participate by running. The event will include a picnic, live music, and a parade. Hope to see you next Monday in Pinkney!

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