Walk this Way (& Memorial Day in Pinckney)

Selfishness. Sexual immorality. Greed. Our old selves fed on these things, but Paul says “that ain’t you anymore!” With hearts satisfied in Jesus and through the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit we are called to walk out our new identity in Christ. We not are not called merely to talk the talk, we are called to walk the walk. You can check out Sunday’s message from Ephesians 5:1-14 HERE to hear what it means to Walk in Love and Walk in Light.

This Memorial Day morning 26 Restore adults and kids had the privilege of serving a church that has been a huge blessing to us, Peoples Church of Pinckney, 60 miles west of Detroit. Peoples Church, a fellow EFCA church, helped us rebuild our stolen fence last fall and build our new AV booth this spring. So it was a great joy to assist them with their annual Memorial Day 5k race and celebration! Wow, it was really encouraging to see them bless their town. The juices are flowing for us to hold a 5k race and weekend event next spring to address sex trafficking in Detroit, the ethnocide of abortion in the inner city, and the call for the body of Christ to adopt children in need of loving families. Please pray for us as we explore this. Thank you Peter Ashmore for leading the charge to Pinckney!

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