Be filled with plutonium

Sunday’s sermon opened with a reference to the cinematic masterpiece of last century, Back to the Future;) (Thanks Jason for reminding us of the flux capacitor!) To walk in wisdom and redeem the time, we must be filled with the Spirit. All believers are to live all of life intoxicated by the unquenched, high-octane, jet fuel of the Holy Spirit. Only when under the influence of the power of the Spirit will we be able to turn from unwise patterns of living; as the light of the gospel flights into every corner of our hearts. You can listen to Jason Vinson’s message from Ephesians 5:15-21 HERE.

Saturday’s kickoff off of Restore Baseball kicked off in strong fashion with over 40 kids in attendance plus many Restore peeps as coaches and organizers. Thanks to all who served and a huge shout out to Sheila Moll for the vision to love on kids and build relationships in central Detroit through baseball. Next week is uniform handout before we begin a short season of 4 weeks of games the following week. I can’t wait until the championship at the Old Tiger Stadium field! If you would like to participate in Restore Baseball show up at Linwood & Calvert 10AM Saturday. Play ball!

Given the number of singles and young married couples at Restore, given the brokenness of manhood and womanhood everywhere, given the unravelling of the institution of marriage, and most of all, given God’s glorious design for marriage, we are expanding our series on Ephesians (5:22-6:9) to dial in on manhood, womanhood, marriage, singleness and dating, child-rearing, and work relationships. God desires and empowers those in Christ to have a shift in all our relationships. Please pray for our upcoming RelationSHIFT miniseries in our greater Ephesians series.
You can see details on this miniseries below.

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